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Az Év Lakberendezője 2022 - Projekt kategória győztese




is a creative business based on marketing tools and engaged in INTERIOR & GRAPHIC DESIGN.

Besides creating livable, stylish,

personalised HOMES, 

our mission is to design unique , aesthetic images  

for small and medium -sized BUSINESSES.

Our interiors and graphic elements  mirror the intrinsic values . 

From the birth of the idea

to opening the champagne

We are there for you!

Every choice carries weight: What? Where? For how much money?... should we buy. We have great news! You don't have to worry about these things anymore.

We lead the whole process instead of you: we order the products, we plan and we run the procedure. 

No compromises! 

Our collection adjusts to your conception and not the other way round.

The chosen pieces of furniture adjust to your dreamt interior regarding the colour, size and material. 

A good interior designer always saves you money and time... A lot more than the plans take.

Former clients said

"...when I walked in, I started to cry! 

I am amazed! The shelves aren't even on the wall in the bedroom and in the living room...but we adore it! 

We love living here! Thank you!"

—  Anett and Tamás from Baj




on Instagram!

Phone Number: +36 20 550 7046

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