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Szöke Mónika

Interior designer, graphic


Szöke Mónika

Interior and Graphic designer

I've always preferred challenging and inspirational tasks, which consistently make me refresh and move me forward. Finding a solution for a difficult situation is what I call motivational. 

Leading a construction and creating a home brings exciting moments to our lives every time. It's a long time investment that affects the family's entire life. A deliberate, properly organized home operates as a shelter. It creates harmony, charges us and gives strength for everydays. 

Thus it's really important to spend enough time and energy with planning, because the result affects our lives more than anything. 

A good interior designer is like a properly prepared courier: holds our hands, doesn't let us to get lost on unknown grounds. Gives us information continually, so it the end what we can happily think of is: "The journey was a bit tiring, but finally - full of experiences - can we get back to our HOMES.

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Szöke Nóra


Ever since I was a little girl, I'm sorrounded by shade cards, materials and design plans. It was obvious, that this world enchanted me as well. Although dealing and working with our clients seems to be my cup of tea. I would like to help You with a lot of useful and interesting tips, news and ideas. 

Phone Number: +36 20 550 7046

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